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A beautifully sculptural piece ringed in multi tiered rows of large circular cutouts the ICU pattern has a great airy quality while still maintaining its architecture and purpose. The pierced surface of the lamp allows light to travel through the walls of the form creating a play of shadow and light around the exterior of the piece. Shown in Chartreuse, Carrot, Matte Black, White and Ocean. 

Details, Dimensions & Care

Handmade in our Boston studio

Large measures 32" H x 7.5" W. Shade measurements: 14"H X 18"W

Medium measures 25"H x 5.5"W. Shade measurements: 10"H X 15"W

Each lamp begins as a sculpted prototype, from which McRae makes a master mold. The pieces are cast using low-fire earthenware. After curing for several days, each form is smoothed and prepped before he begins his carving process. Each perforation is tooled, carved, and cleaned several times in order to create a finished surface. After a bisque firing, the pieces are glazed and fired one final time. 

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Please note that each piece is handmade to order and will ship in 4-6 weeks after your order is placed.